This, That, and the Other

Where’s the jewelry?

This website is in it’s infancy; there really is jewelry, just no pictures ready to be posted yet. I’m learning to use WordPress as my website software, working full-time, making jewelry, and volunteering as “webmaster” for our local Harley Owners Group. Yes, I ride a Harley, but that is a subject for another post, or maybe I should add it to my “About Me” page. I have been designing and creating jewelry since January 2014 and am almost ready to post some pictures. I have given quite a few items as gifts, helped my granddaughters make jewelry for themselves, and have sold two pieces to a family member (does that count?). I’m still designing my logo and business cards. The website is live because I get ahead of myself sometimes. I hoped I’d work more diligently if it was up and running, and am finding that to be true.

Peace and love, Phyllis