This, That, and the Other

Taking pictures of jewelry

Let me tell you that taking pictures of jewelry is a whole other art form…one I have not yet conquered. I want you to see my jewelry like I see it and so far have not been overly happy with my pictures. I am a perfectionist, but not as bad as I used to be, thankfully. I’d hate to think I have to invest in one of those expensive cameras and then learn how to use it. BUT, if I’m going to try and sell jewelolympus stylus sz-15ry online, the pictures have to do it justice. I’ve done a little research and found out I need to make, or buy, some type of light box to set the jewelry inside for the pictures. I’m supposed to use a tripod, haven’t done it yet, and I actually do own one. I better go dig it out of the closet (after I figure out which closet it’s in). So, in the meantime, I am still going to take pictures with my little Olympus Stylus SZ-15 or my Samsung Galaxy S4 and do the best I can.

Peace and love, Phyllis