This, That, and the Other

Suppose I run out of jewelry?

It seems like all I’ve been doing is designing and making jewelry, creating tags, categorizing, taking pictures, and organizing what I need for this show tomorrow. I have never been to a craft show that lasts three days and sure hope I have enough jewelry. Seriously. That is extremely positive thinking, but I do try to be positive. Plenty of necklaces have been created, but not sure about earrings and bracelets. I’ve taken off work tomorrow to finish getting ready at home, and then go set up at the civic center for the 5 pm opening. It should be quite an experience. I’ve been to the Better Living Expo before as a customer and it is a big event. Granted, most of the vendors are NOT artists and crafters, but I saw the layout and there were a lot of 10’x10′ spaces laid out for us. I still need to get change; I have enough ones and quarters, but need fives and tens. I cannot find one of my plastic tubs filled with velvet busts to display necklaces. The last time I saw it was while packing up after the Milton Holly Festival in December. I’m hoping it got stored in the attic with my Christmas boxes…which means I have to go look through all of them tonight! I need to pack drinks and food, and am grateful my granddaughter wants to come help me tomorrow night and all day Saturday. I still have to sew some burlap to use for hanging earrings on my dividers. Good grief, enough thinking about all that needs to be done. Only one cup of tea was drank early this morning, after waking up at 4:40 am, and a nap would be wonderful…but impossible! I really, truly am looking forward to being part of this show, but somehow I believe Sunday night will find me quite content.

Peace and Love, Phyllis