This, That, and the Other

Seriously…costume jewelry? No way!

I had never even thought about jewelry categories until I rode by a house with a big sign out front that said “Costume Jewelry”. What? Why would anyone call their jewelry by that name? To me, when I think of costume jewelry I think of cheap looking plastic stuff. But that sign made me start thinking…and researching. I discovered the jewelry I design is not considered “fine jewelry” which is made out of gold and diamonds and emeralds and sapphires and other precious gems. The jewelry I create really does fall in the category of costume or fashion jewelry. I still slightly cringe at that name, but it’s getting better. Writing about my feelings has always helped. Renaissance wench costumeThe best quote I found came from an article in Forbes “The design is what makes the difference between junk and costume jewelry”. I surely hope my designs make that difference plain!! Then I found a very informative article in Wikipedia which contained a wonderful word, which I wish I knew how to pronounce. Fallalery. If I ever have another cat that will be their name. I looked up the definition of fallalery, and there were a few. The Oxford dictionary definition was “tawdry finery”. Maybe that’s why my favorite costumes at the Renaissance Festivals are the wenches! But, I do NOT consider my jewelry designs tawdry, which means cheap and poor quality. Definitely not. The definition I liked the best was “a bit of finery; a showy article of dress”. My jewelry is fallalery!!

Peace and love, Phyllis