This, That, and the Other

Peace, Love, Halloween?

How do the spiders and skulls and black jewelry I make during Halloween season fit in with my love and peace ideology? Not sure…that’s why I’ve come to the written word, it helps me figure things out. A couple years ago I actually decided to not make Halloween jewelry any more, because I do believe in the energies of darkness and light, good and evil, angels and demons. I want NO part, no matter how tiny, of bringing any more dark energy into the world. So, are spiders dark energy? I am scared of them, but no, they are not dark energy. Spiders are cool, eat bugs, build amazing webs, are fascinating…but, they still creep me out.


So, what about skulls? I have created a LOT of jewelry with skulls, lots and lots. I ride a Harley, but only own one shirt with skulls on it, and I need to take a picture for this post. Many Harley clothes have skulls, and there are skull patches, pins, paint jobs, accessories, etc. I looked it up online and found many different reasons why Harley riders like skulls, and reasons they don’t, too.

We all have a skull. It protects our brain, holds in our eyeballs and teeth, has openings for breathing…this all sounds very necessary to our survival. Definitely NOT dark energy, especially while we’re still living. People have made the “after we’re dead” skulls into macabre objects. My belief about skulls is they remind me to live life to the fullest because we will all die one day. They only have dark energy if we imbue them with it, and any Halloween jewelry I make has the energy of love and peace.

hand-painted skull pendant

Peace and love, Phyllis