This, That, and the Other

Old Dog Learns New Trick

Success! Behold…look up in the address bar and see something normal to most websites, including mine as of today! Do you see where it reads, or maybe this-that-the-other? YES! Yesterday it would not have mentioned an old dog or this and that, it would only have had some symbols and numbers…happiness overflows today.

I’ve loved computers and learning about them since my first one with Windows 3.1 back in 1992. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) has changed to very important as I become more involved (obsessed, perhaps?) in developing this website with my new jewelry. After much research and searching forums (where they write so my youngest son would understand what they’re talking about…but not me), finally I submitted a Help request, and answers I could understand came from DreamHost, my most wonderful, longtime, web hosting company. The tech support person actually created a short video for me 🙂 demonstrating exactly what would happen when the settings were changed for my permalinks (my new word for the day, or week, maybe month). I had great fear (calmed by DreamHost Tech Support) of completely wrecking my website, as in nobody would find the pages when they clicked on Necklaces, Bracelets, etc.. You’ve probably heard of the “blue screen of death”, well, if a website has a messed up URL, then you will reach a “404 Page”, and for a webmaster, that’s closely related to the blue screen (hyperbole 😀 which was last month’s word of the day).

Ahhh…basking in a relaxed state of euphoria…until my next website dilemma.