Body, Mind, and Spirit

Just starting out…again

Thursday, July 08, 2010 – post saved from my blog in now defunct SparkPeople website

Today I feel motivated. In the past I go gung-ho into new projects and then run out of steam. This sparkpeople website is amazing and I do believe it will work IF I work it! I know that journaling is an important part of anything we want to accomplish, so ok, let’s do it. I’m feeling a little overfull from my Panera Bread black bean soup, but the idea of not finishing the bowl is a very foreign idea. I did it, I put it in the trash can. I’m at work, and it’s kind of slow, so I have time to write in here and explore this website. I tend to isolate myself and not want to do inner work, but know I must to grow spiritually. There’s just so much I don’t want to look at inside. But I will…I will…I am willing.