This, That, and the Other

It’s that time of year…craft shows

Two weeks ago I went to my first craft show in a while…a long while. If you read my last post you will remember I have been on a hiatus. It was at the Frederica Fire Department and was very well attended, even if it did rain off and on all day. It was good to be back among crafters, though there were some Direct Sale consultants there.

After packing up all my jewelry and props and tubs, carrying them all inside, and then unpacking and setting up…I called my husband and said I really understand now what you went through when you were playing music!

It’s fun once you get it all set up and ready. Of course, at the end of the show you pack it all back up again. Do I sound like I’m complaining? It’s my fault for having too much stuff. I always feel like I need to take every piece of jewelry I ever made…and I’ve made a lot!

This year I bought wooden crates, painted them different colors, and put LED stick-on lights inside them…I like the look. Also, after much thought, I have decided I’m charging more than the market in my area is willing to pay. Tomorrow I go to another show, and I’ve marked down most of my jewelry, so we will see what happens. I may be about the only crafter there, which I hope is a good thing. I think most vendors are going to be Direct Sale consultants. So, my next post will let you know how it went.

♥ Phyllis