This, That, and the Other

Isolation and Creativity

I have been making jewelry while staying home, but have not updated my pictures on here. What good is this website if it remains stagnant? No good. So here goes, beginning with a new blog post and a few pictures.

recliner creativity

Usually I sit in my studio, but the office chair in there gets uncomfortable, so off I went to the living room and my recliner. I do have to give a shout out about the board you see under my jewelry tray. It was designed and made by my son, Jimi. While sitting in my recliner he measured the chair arm width and how far out from my stomach it could go, and made a curve in the board to fit around my body. He designed it to be a laptop tray, but I use it for much more than that.

Cluster necklace with green beads

Here is the final product, and is available for sale under Necklaces. Much of my jewelry is displayed for sale at Gallery 107 which is closed until Delaware goes into the next phases and businesses begin to open. But, all my jewelry is also for sale here on my website.

Peace and Love, Phyllis