This, That, and the Other

I want to make jewelry all day long!

Live in the now…that is all we have. I know that. I believe that. I try to live in the now, but I’m at my 40-hour a week job and it does not involve designing jewelry. BUT, it does allow me to log on here and write a blog when I’m caught up with my work. I could retire but my husband insists I told him I would not retire until he did. We have very different memories! Perhaps I told him that 25 years ago when he wanted to retire at 55, but that’s not happening now. I’ll give him a few more years of me working for a living…and then I’m going to follow my creativity full-time!

I love this little website I made, but I’m not selling anything from it. My sales consist of when I attend a craft show, and I do understand that. Jewelry would be hard to buy online without seeing or touching or trying it on. I do try to take a lot of close-up pictures, but they do not look the same as in living color. I was in Ocean City, Maryland on April 3rd and 4th for the Easter Art & Craft Fair at the Convention Center.


They had all kinds of activities for the kids, but it was very difficult for mothers to stop and look at jewelry with kids pulling them toward the fun and games! I made enough to pay for my table, handed out business cards, and made jewelry all day Saturday. I had a good time and that’s what it’s all about, right?

Peace and Love, Phyllis