This, That, and the Other

How the name “Create Peace and Love” began

I had been collecting beads for quite a few years, and they’d been sitting inside a drawer waiting for me. In January I took some jewelry classes and those beads were joined by many, many more. I became obsessed with buying beads. One day my husband was looking at all of them and very nicely said, “I think you have enough beads”. Little does he know you can never have enough beads!

I am still working full-time, and that does interfere with creating jewelry, but it does help with buying the supplies! Retirement is not too far away, and those hours will be free for creating jewelry, sewing, gardening, drawing, reading, writing, (even a little arithmetic!).

I love the creation process, I love figuring out how to put the beads together in a design, and I love the building process. So you may be assured that every one-of-a kind piece is imbued with love.

I begin my day by meditating, and as I am filled with peace, that peace energy flows into my jewelry. Bringing the creativity together with the love and the peace brought the name “Create Peace and Love” together.

I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much I enjoyed making them.

Peace and Love, Phyllis