This, That, and the Other

Feelings of peace and serenity….

There are only a few places in my lifetime that have had an emotional affect on me when I walked over the threshold. The first, and most important to me, was my grandmother’s house. When I would walk inside her home a total feeling of peace and serenity enveloped me. As a child I only knew I became relaxed and happy. But, as an adult, I’ve come to recognize the amazement of that tiny piece of heaven on earth for me, and the gratitude I have for Mama and the energy field that surrounded her.

Now I have found another such place…not as intense as the experience I felt with my grandmother, but the same type of energy. When I walk inside Gallery 107 that sense of peace, tranquility, and creativity is palpable.

Downtown in Seaford, Delaware

Nanticoke River Arts Council was “founded by a small group of artist & art enthusiasts with a strong desire to share their love for the Arts”.

I am honored to have a spot inside Gallery 107 to display some of my jewelry.

Gallery 107 – link to their facebook page

Nanticoke River Arts Council – link to their website page