This, That, and the Other

Energy and Awareness

In the best of times I have feelings of being a hermit, and now most of the world’s population are becoming hermits. I’ve always loved (but, perhaps not appreciated enough) being able to stay home and create jewelry, work in the yard, and wander around doing what calls to me. Now, I find myself wandering around and nothing much calls to me. Why? What has changed on my little piece of earth? The world has changed. Ahh, perhaps the energy is affecting me, no, obviously the world’s energy is affecting me. It took me sitting down to write this blog to figure out why I’ve been feeling more depressed, no energy, no purpose, and less interest in things that used to give me joy. Writing has always enabled my consciously unknown, innermost feelings to bubble up to the surface. But, with awareness comes responsibility. With awareness there is no going back to being unaware. Of course, I can continue to wander around, ignoring this awareness…God, help me not do that, grant me the courage to change the things I can….

♥    ♥    ♥

Peace and Love, Phyllis