This, That, and the Other

Blogging, Journaling, and OCDp

Journaling is enjoyable and enlightening, and I do it most every day. But, blogging is different for me. I admire people who can write blogs every day, or even once a week. If you look back at the dates of my posts you will find that I am getting MUCH better at writing them in a reasonable time frame.

I’ve kept journals since a teenager and about 20 years ago my mother gifted me with the best journal ever. You can look back at what you did on that date for 11 years, so not sure why it’s called a 10 Year Journal, but I’m on my 2nd one. There are lots of pages in the back when you need to write more than the space allows. Maybe I journal more than blog because then it’s for an audience. Most of my journaling would be fine for public viewing, but definitely NOT all. My husband asked me once if he could read my journal, I said “no”, and that was that. Of course, I do not know if he reads it, but I think not. He’s never mentioned anything that’s written in there.

What I have noticed in the last few weeks is that I am able to create jewelry, keep my website updated, and work in the yard…all in the same day! That is an accomplishment for me. I have self-diagnosed myself as having a relatively mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and, normally, when I begin doing something obsessively, nothing else gets done. I had neglected this website for a few years when I stopped making jewelry (Where Have I Been?), and for a few days I did totally focus on updating it. Then I leveled out, kept working on it, but on other things, too…very unusual activity for me. Wonderful, but unusual. Maybe I’m growing up 🙂

Peace and Love, Phyllis