This, That, and the Other

WordPress is totally frustrating me

My earring page is all messed up. I was trying to organize it differently and some of the earring pictures and descriptions are just how I want them, and then the next one (which I did exactly the same) will not look like it’s supposed to. I’m using WordPress as my website software, and I only have a very limited understanding of codes. A VERY limited understanding. When I created my husband’s band’s website (years ago) I used FrontPage which was a windows-based program and very easy. I miss it. My son would help me, but I do like to figure things out myself. So far my earring page has gotten the best of me. I’m going to have to put it back the way it was, I think. Forgive the mess I’ve made, I don’t know if I’m up to spending any more time on it tonight!!

Well…I couldn’t handle it being messed up, so after dinner I put it back the way it started. Now I just need to add about 50 more pairs of earrings!! But there will be separate pages of different categories, because I have seashore, western, peace and love, creatures….

Peace and love, Phyllis