This, That, and the Other

On a Roll…

Getting on a roll making jewelry, updating my website, working in the yard, meditating…every day! Well, almost every day, and that’s a wonderful thing. In the past (and a not too far in the distant past) when I became obsessed with a project, everything else fell by the wayside. Now, it feels like being obsessed with more than one thing at time, and I’m loving it. Perhaps I should not be writing about it, even though I’m not actually superstitious, but have been known to knock on wood. Many times when I take to writing about something it’s to figure out a problem, and this is NOT a problem. When a piece of jewelry is finished, my space gets cleaned up, descriptions entered in my inventory spreadsheet, tags made, pictures taken and edited, PayPal pricing button created, and my website is updated. In other words, instead of going from one creative jewelry-making piece to another, I’m slowing down and doing all the maintenance work right away. It’s quite relaxing to not have five or six pieces in process at the same time, with all the wire and beads and findings scattered all over my work table. Ahhhhh…the sound of relaxation and enjoyment.

Peace and Love, Phyllis