This, That, and the Other

Covid-19 and Creativity

My prayers are sent out daily…hourly…to our earth and humanity. This is a time in our history that most of us have only imagined in our nightmares. Here in Lower Slower Delaware, we have been getting cases of Covid-19 and some deaths, but for the most part have been rather isolated from all the despair in the cities. I cannot imagine….

It does not even seem to be a time to make jewelry, and I admit, my creativity has not been flowing. When I sit at my table and look at my beads and pendants, it all feels so unnecessary, what good is jewelry in theses times? So many of our jobs where we would have worn jewelry have been closed, and the restaurants and bars to go out wearing jewelry are closed. I do not wear jewelry around the house. But, it does bring beauty to our lives, and it brings beauty and joy to my life to create it. So, I keep on trying.

Perhaps I should be focused on other creative aspects that I know how to do…like sewing. There seems to be a need to make masks at home. I am not sure how protective they would be, certainly not for the medical field or first responders. But, they may be some protection when we have to go to the store for groceries. It would make me feel like I was being more creatively productive. So, I shall look up some of patterns I’ve seen posted online, go through my stash of material, and make some masks!

Please, stay safe and stay home. That’s the most important thing we can do right now for our world’s safety.

 Peace and love, Phyllis