This, That, and the Other

Energy and Awareness

In the best of times I have feelings of being a hermit, and now most of the world’s population are becoming hermits. I’ve always loved (but, perhaps not appreciated enough) being able to stay home and create jewelry, work in the yard, and wander around doing what calls to me. Now, I find myself wandering around and nothing much calls to me. Why? What has changed on my little piece of earth? The world has changed. Ahh, perhaps the energy is affecting me, no, obviously the world’s energy is affecting me. It took me sitting down to write this blog to figure out why I’ve been feeling more depressed, no energy, no purpose, and less interest in things that used to give me joy. Writing has always enabled my consciously unknown, innermost feelings to bubble up to the surface. But, with awareness comes responsibility. With awareness there is no going back to being unaware. Of course, I can continue to wander around, ignoring this awareness…God, help me not do that, grant me the courage to change the things I can….

♥    ♥    ♥

Peace and Love, Phyllis

This, That, and the Other

Covid-19 and Creativity

My prayers are sent out daily…hourly…to our earth and humanity. This is a time in our history that most of us have only imagined in our nightmares. Here in Lower Slower Delaware, we have been getting cases of Covid-19 and some deaths, but for the most part have been rather isolated from all the despair in the cities. I cannot imagine….

It does not even seem to be a time to make jewelry, and I admit, my creativity has not been flowing. When I sit at my table and look at my beads and pendants, it all feels so unnecessary, what good is jewelry in theses times? So many of our jobs where we would have worn jewelry have been closed, and the restaurants and bars to go out wearing jewelry are closed. I do not wear jewelry around the house. But, it does bring beauty to our lives, and it brings beauty and joy to my life to create it. So, I keep on trying.

Perhaps I should be focused on other creative aspects that I know how to do…like sewing. There seems to be a need to make masks at home. I am not sure how protective they would be, certainly not for the medical field or first responders. But, they may be some protection when we have to go to the store for groceries. It would make me feel like I was being more creatively productive. So, I shall look up some of patterns I’ve seen posted online, go through my stash of material, and make some masks!

Please, stay safe and stay home. That’s the most important thing we can do right now for our world’s safety.

 Peace and love, Phyllis

This, That, and the Other

It’s Halloween time!

Get ready to show off the spirit of All Hallows Eve. Check out the pictures of some of the new additions to my Halloween collection. The knotted cord pieces can be worn as a necklace or wrapped as a bracelet. The jack-o-lantern pendant and dangles can be removed or interchanged, and the necklace can be worn long or doubled using the magnetic clasp. The candy corn necklace is made of memory wire to wear as a choker. ♥♥♥

This, That, and the Other

Feelings of peace and serenity….

There are only a few places in my lifetime that have had an emotional affect on me when I walked over the threshold. The first, and most important to me, was my grandmother’s house. When I would walk inside her home a total feeling of peace and serenity enveloped me. As a child I only knew I became relaxed and happy. But, as an adult, I’ve come to recognize the amazement of that tiny piece of heaven on earth for me, and the gratitude I have for Mama and the energy field that surrounded her.

Now I have found another such place…not as intense as the experience I felt with my grandmother, but the same type of energy. When I walk inside Gallery 107 that sense of peace, tranquility, and creativity is palpable.

Downtown in Seaford, Delaware

Nanticoke River Arts Council was “founded by a small group of artist & art enthusiasts with a strong desire to share their love for the Arts”.

I am honored to have a spot inside Gallery 107 to display some of my jewelry.

Gallery 107 – link to their facebook page

Nanticoke River Arts Council – link to their website page

This, That, and the Other

Nanticoke River Art Council…

A few weeks ago, pretty much out of the blue, I sent off an application to join my local art league. Then I got a phone call from a member of the board telling me all about their gallery and activities and classes…and then asked if I wanted to display (and sell) my jewelry in their gallery. Of course! But, then I was told I had to bring in some pieces to be reviewed by the board to see if it was suitable for their gallery.

IT IS! I got an email today letting me know it was approved.

I live in a small town, and so this is a small art gallery, but it is a big step for me. I love designing and creating jewelry, but putting my work out there to be “judged” by people is a whole different ball game. And I’m not just talking about the art league, it is the same when I go to craft fairs…my work is being “judged”. I saw a wonderful meme on facebook recently which I will share with you.

This reminded me of one of my favorite sayings, “what you think about me is none of my business”. Though I do still work on my people-pleasing tendencies, but growing older along with a little wisdom has helped me just be me and spread all the peace and love around that I can.

So, I just design jewelry that I love and so far the people who also love my jewelry have found it. I am grateful.