This, That, and the Other

3rd Friday in downtown Salisbury, Maryland

I finally took my jewelry out into the world on October 17th…the world with real people walking by, looking and touching. I’ve had my website up for about six weeks, but I had not uploaded pictures of all my pieces, and being in front of a computer screen is not at all the same as being in the middle of an arts and crafts event. 3rd Friday in Salisbury is all about supporting the artisans and musicians and entertainers. They do not charge us to set up a table, but we do have to register and be approved. Not being charged a fee to set up is a BIG deal, especially when you are just starting out and nobody knows you or your wares yet.


My dh even took off work to help transport and set up my table and lights. He contributed the tripod stands that were used to hold the lights when he was in a band, and found a copper pipe to to go overhead. Those LED rope lights kept it quite bright even when it was fully dark. I was invited to participate in The River City Arts Jam by a board member of the Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council who was going by checking out all the tables. But, we are going to be camping with friends on November 1st.

My daughter-in-law bought a Halloween necklace for my granddaughter, and then her sister bought three or four pieces…but I was REALLY happy when I made my first ever sale to a complete stranger!! My granddaughter decided she wants to go with me every time I set up a table at a craft show. She had found a woman down the street who was painting on zombie faces, and loved standing there in her zombie makeup talking to the people who stopped by. There were a lot of people dressed up for Halloween in some really cool costumes. You can see my table behind the girl with the blue hat at one minute into this 3rd Friday promo video of the event.

I have started on my “Christmas Collection” for next month’s 3rd Friday…see you there!

Peace and love, Phyllis